How to become a Community Health Worker

What is a Health Education Specialist or Community Health Specialist? Health education specialists, also known as health educators, advise people on strategies to improve their wellbeing. They are active members of the community, creating and developing programs to help the members of the community to be healthier and happier. Employers include: Colleges and Schools: training

How to Create and Teach Community Education Classes

Education benefits communities in both subtle and obvious ways – making things more efficient and helping individuals to earn a higher wage, which in turn boosts the economy. If you are a qualified professional in a field such as, law, health, technology, finance, etc. – passing on your knowledge for day-to-day use can be life-changing

How Can I Help The Environment When I Go On Vacation?

Travel and tourism are seeing massive growth all over the world, however, this rapid growth is having a negative impact on the environment. Being green benefits everyone – all the staff involved in providing services, the environment and of course you! The fewer toxic fumes, odors, droplets, chemicals, and residues everyone comes in contact with